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Our Story

About Dharma Drum Mountain

Dharma Drum Mountain (DDM) is a Buddhist organization headquartered in Taiwan, with numerous chapters established globally. The founder of DDM, the late Master Sheng Yen (1930-2009), received transmissions in both the Linji and Caodong schools in the Chan (“Zen”) tradition. He was a revered Chan master, a prolific Buddhist scholar, a progressive Buddhist educator, and a keynote speaker at the Millennium Religious Summit held in the United Nations in 2000. DDM teaches and promotes Chan Buddhism as a living philosophy and a daily practice, helping us achieve freedom and ease in our everyday life, by cultivating our innate wisdom and compassion. By doing so, together, we can build a pure and peaceful land right here on earth.

聖嚴法師 Master Sheng-Yen坐落於台灣金山的 法鼓山總本山坐落於台灣金山的 法鼓山總本山

About DDM Chicago Chapter

DDM-Chicago, established in 1993, is a local chapter of DDM located in Mount Prospect in Chicagoland’s northwestern suburb. To achieve Master Sheng Yen’s vision, that of “Uplifting the Character of Humanity and Building a Pure Land on Earth,” the chapter offers many practice and caring programs, including meditation, chanting, book studies, and social activities. It also regularly invites Venerables (monks and nuns) and senior teachers to lead retreats, ceremonies, and lectures. Through fluent English and Chinese language skills, it works to benefit both English- and Chinese-speakers, in their individual lives and throughout the society. Please join us!
Visit our website for more details: www.DDMBAchicago.org


DDMBA-Chicago’s Founding and Growth:


DDMBA-Chicago was founded in Northbrook, Illinois, a suburb outside of the city of Chicago. In the beginning, about ten Chinese immigrant families would meet once a month to study Buddha Dharma. The meetings were held at alternate members’ homes, most frequently at the home of DDMBA-Chicago’s Founder and first Chapter President, Ms. Iris Wang. Occasionally, the group would rent a larger facility for a day, to hold a Beginners’ Meditation Class. Once a month, a Chinese newsletter would be published – this monthly publication has continued to-date. Over time, more people began to express an interest in joining our group, and we began to realize holding meetings in someone’s home was no longer ideal. Furthermore, we wished to expand the spreading of Chan Buddhism teachings to the mainstream American community, in order to benefit them as well – a key vision behind our teacher, Master Sheng Yen’s travel to the West.


Master Sheng Yen visited Chicago, giving a public lecture that attracted about 600 attendees. Through that event, a lot more people came to learn of DDMBA-Chicago. We were much encouraged by the great reception of the public, and felt that it was time to have a formal meeting place in order to more effectively offer programs to benefit the greater public.


Under the leadership of our second Chapter President, Ms. Isabel Huang, we began renting our current location at Mount Prospect. At a total of 2,000 square feet, our Chan Hall occupies about 800 square feet within the space. Many volunteers spent countless days in renovating the inside of the space. The result was a place where we could finally offer, in a more systemic way, regular programs as well as special events led by visiting Venerables and senior teachers, such as 3-day or 5-day meditation retreats, Dharma Ceremonies, public lectures, and more. Through the use of additional promotional channels, such as our website, social media, added English newsletters, etc., we began to reach new audience and better connect with existing members, both English-speakers and Chinese-speakers alike.


Dedication and contributions by numerous donors and volunteers over the years have allowed us to grow. In particular, for some special events, we were beginning to experience the limitation of our current small space, sometimes having to turn people away because of that. At the same time, we felt that the causes and conditions for DDMBA-Chicago to firmly plant our roots in the Midwest region had ripened. Therefore, in 2014, we made the great vow to purchase a better place of our own, our long-term home here, to allow us to share the joy and benefits of Chan Buddhism with more people. Our goal is to complete this purchase within 3-5 years, by raising $1.5 million funding.