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Our Sincere Gratitude to You

Because of your generous donations, and many member volunteers’ dedications over the years, the Dharma seeds sown in Chicago by Master Sheng Yen have continue to thrive and grow. Your compassionate support also helped to add one more Sangha member to the Dharma Drum Mountain – Venerable Cheng Zhai.

Other good causes and conditions we are able to create with your help, are innumerable, following are a few personal experiences shared by our members out of sincere gratitude to you who had kept DDMBA-Chicago Chapter available to all :

Jerry Wang:

" I am so glad now that I'm a Buddhist. I think I am now a calmer and more patient person, relatively at peace with myself and the environment - at least, that’s what my wife Cynthia often tells other friends. In early 2012, Cynthia discovered she had lung cancer. It is such a scary illness. I immediately fell on my knees and pray to Buddha to give us strength to fight the disease... Her cancer is now considered under control with a maintenance treatment program, which may be necessary for years to come. I am so grateful that at this stage of my life that I have found Buddhism. I know Dharma has helped me and Cynthia. I thank the Three Jewels, and thank you all for being my Dharma friends and teachers and for your encouragement and support. I hope you realize that when we are at the Center together, we are indeed in a pure land on earth. It is my sincere hope that DDM Chicago will soon have a Center of our own, which we can call it home. Let us open our heart to get more involved, so that our programs will grow; otherwise, we will wither and our Center’s ability to simply exist may even be threatened. "

Angela Lim:

"As a mother of a young child, DDMBA-Chicago provides me with much-needed resources and support to be a mindful and happy parent. When my child laughs, I remind myself to be present and cherish these precious moments. When I get frustrated, I take deep breathes to calm my senses and try to let go. When I am scared, I chant Buddha’s name to void my fears. And every Sunday, I know that DDMBA’s doors will be opened, with familiar, happy faces to teach me more on how to be a wholesome person."

Evelyn Ting:

"At the very beginning, my intention of coming to DDMBA was to seek friendship and look a place to deepen my meditation practice. Joining different activities held within DDMBA, have enriched my life experience. The smile, the heart-warming words and sweet hugs from lovely friends always touched my soul and reminded me the beauty of human-nature. There are many members showing long-term commitments to the center. Teachers are not only very diligently learning and practicing Dharma into their personal life, but also great in sharing Dharma teaching and always very open to discussion. The teachers and the reading materials here have helped me deepen my understanding on Dharma teaching, help me to better answers my many questions like "who am I, what am I, who are others, what are others, what this world about, why am I here, why everyone is so different..." I really had so many questions before.

Myra Au:

" When I went to DDM Chicago for the first time, I was immediately drawn to the calming and simple setting of the meditation room. For the first time in my life, I was able to completely let go of my thoughts and my body and meditated for 45 minutes. The serene feeling I experienced from resting my mind completely was beyond words. Although I was only a DDM Chicago member for a few months, I was lucky enough to have attended a few of the video and book discussion sessions. I was impressed with the dedication and knowledge of the volunteers who led the discussion sessions. I also benefited from the active and engaging sharing of the participants. A simple concept when told in an insightful way often gives you new perspectives and changes the way you think; and therefore the way you act. I have received good counsels and supports from the wise and kind-hearted men and women at DDM Chicago. I know the Buddha Dharma is worth seeking, I know it is worth following. I would be a fool to not follow the path when the way has been shown. "

Angela Chang:

" We all need companions on our journeys to spirituality. Folks at DDMBA Chicago sincerely care about you, your growth, and your well-being. I came to know them through a volunteering project, but they touched me deeply as great people and great companions. If you are at a lost, DDMBA Chicago is a place where you can meditate and learn Buddha dharma. If you are searching, this is a spiritual garden where you can find compassion and wisdom. "

Venerable Chang Zhai
(Chang Zhai Fa Shi)

Venerable Chang Zhai, when she was still a lay person, was an active member of our very own DDMBA Chicago Chapter.

釋常齋(常齋法師) - Chang Zhai Fa Shi

In 2008, she went back to Taiwan and entered the Dharma Drum Sangha University, mainly studying under the Chan Practice program. In 2010, Venerable Chang Zhai received full ordination. In 2012, after completing a 4-year monastic education, she returned to the U.S. and has served as a member of the Chan Meditation Center in New York until now.