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Angela Chang

” We all need companions on our journeys to spirituality. Folks at DDMBA Chicago sincerely care about you, your growth, and your well-being. I came to know them through a volunteering project, but they touched me deeply as great people and great companions. If you are at a lost, DDMBA Chicago is a place where

Myra Au

” When I went to DDM Chicago for the first time, I was immediately drawn to the calming and simple setting of the meditation room. For the first time in my life, I was able to completely let go of my thoughts and my body and meditated for 45 minutes. The serene feeling I experienced

Evelyn Ting

“At the very beginning, my intention of coming to DDMBA was to seek friendship and look a place to deepen my meditation practice. Joining different activities held within DDMBA, have enriched my life experience. The smile, the heart-warming words and sweet hugs from lovely friends always touched my soul and reminded me the beauty of

Angela Lim

“As a mother of a young child, DDMBA-Chicago provides me with much-needed resources and support to be a mindful and happy parent. When my child laughs, I remind myself to be present and cherish these precious moments. When I get frustrated, I take deep breathes to calm my senses and try to let go. When

Jerry Wang

” I am so glad now that I’m a Buddhist. I think I am now a calmer and more patient person, relatively at peace with myself and the environment – at least, that’s what my wife Cynthia often tells other friends. In early 2012, Cynthia discovered she had lung cancer. It is such a scary